Branding & Identity

We design & develop Business Names, Brand Names, Logos and Trade Marks. We don't have to give examples because you can look back our names logos and brandings.


We are developers and software engineers We develop systems according to your requirements. ERP & CRM systems and much more.


Special Apps from special teams We have Team Apple, Team Droid, Team Glass and Team Sky. Yes you are correct Glass for windows and Sky for cloud. Contact us for more info.

Web development

We develop webs, online systems and web apps. Our goal is to provide speed accurate services to your businesses. Web development and hosting staring at 18000LKR upwards.


We consult IT industrial services and we can offer IT Executives project planers, managers team leaders and Software engineers to consult your projects.

CCTV & Networking

We have good experiences in Networking and CCTV installation. We use HPE Products when we design networks and We use Sony lenses for security eyes.