We are SLBN and we belive we can change social through the thechnology. We have good bounds with relative companies and we are sharing our projects, however we don't compete, we coopatare. Our media partner is be with to get latest news from us. We are updating you with our services and technological services all over the country and be in touch with us.


Our Mission is to deliver high quality services to whole world through internet and we have a Mission to develop IT industry with supporting to IT students. We belive students are the future and we support them through our NSSN community. We will rise-up them and we will deliver reliable and profitable services to our clients.


Sri Lanka is still in few setps behind in the IT industry and IT shouldn't be because we have top level brains but all those brains are spreded everywhere so we have to collect all those brain power to one place and that is the our Vision. We belive we can change this industry together but we cant do that alone we have to be srtong enough.